Burial places of the Queens Consort of France


Basilica of St. Denis

Ermentrude of Orléans – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Richilde of the Ardennes – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Adelaide of Paris – Saint-Corneille Abbey  (Compiègne,France)

Richardis of Swabia – Andlau Abbey  (Alsace, France)

Théodrate of Troyes – Unknown

Frederuna – Abbey of Saint-Remi (Reims, France)

Eadgifu of Wessex – Abbey of Saint-Médard de Soissons (Picardie, France) Partially in ruins

Béatrice of Vermandois – Unknown

Emma of France – Unknown

Gerberga of Saxony- Abbey of Saint-Remi (Reims, France)

Emma of Italy – Unknown

Adelaide of Anjou – Montmajour Abbey (Arles, France) Ruins

Adelaide of Aquitaine – Collégiale Saint-Frambourg de Senlis (Senlis, France)

Rozala of Italy – The Abbey of Saint-Pierre (Ghent, Belgium)

Bertha of Burgundy – Unknown

Constance of Arles – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Matilda of Frisia – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Anne of Kiev – Abbey of Villiers-la-Joye (Essonne, France)

Bertha of Holland –Possibly Castle Montreuil-sur-Mer

Bertrade de Montfort – Haute-Bruyere Priory (Rambouillet, France) Demolished

Adelaide of Maurienne – Saint Pierre de Montmartre (Paris, France)

Eleanor of Aquitaine – Fontevraud Abbey (Chinon, France)

Constance of Castile – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Adela of Champagne – Pontigny Abbey (Pontigny, France)

Isabella of Hainault – Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (Paris. France)

Ingeborg of Denmark – Church of the Order of St John (Corbeil, Paris, France)

Agnes of Merania – Convent of St Corentin (Nantes. France)

Blanche of Castile – Maubuisson Abbey (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, France)

Margaret of Provence – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Isabella of Aragon – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Marie of Brabant – Cordeliers Convent (Paris, France) Demolished

Joan I of Navarre –  Cordeliers Convent (Paris, France) Demolished

Margaret of Burgundy – Église des Frères Gris (Vernon, France)

Clementia of Hungary – Couvent des Jacobins de la rue Saint-Jacques (Paris, France) Demolished

Joan II, Countess of Burgundy – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Blanche of Burgundy – Maubuisson Abbey (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, France)

Marie of Luxembourg – Dominican Church (Montargis, France) Demolished

Jeanne d’Évreux – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Joan of Burgundy – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Blanche of Navarre – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Bonne of Bohemia – Maubuisson Abbey (Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, France)

Joan I of Auvergne – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Joanna of Bourbon – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Isabeau of Bavaria – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Marie of Anjou – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Charlotte of Savoy – Basilica Notre-Dame de Cléry-Saint-André (Blois, France)

Anne of Brittany – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Joan of France – Chapel of the Annonciade monastery (Thiais, France) Grave was desecrated, body removed

Mary Tudor – St. Mary’s Church (Bury St. Edmunds, UK)

Claude of France – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Eleanor of Austria – Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain)

Catherine de’ Medici – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Mary, Queen of Scots – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Elisabeth of Austria – St Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna, Austria)

Louise of Lorraine – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Margaret of France – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Marie de’ Medici – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Anne of Austria – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Maria Theresa of Spain – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Marie Leszczyńska – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Marie Antoinette – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Joséphine de Beauharnais – St Peter and St Paul Church (Rueil-Malmaison, France)

Marie Louise of Austria – Imperial Crypt (Vienna, Austria)

Marie Joséphine of Savoy – Cagliari Cathedral (Cagliari, Italy)

Maria Theresa of Savoy – Imperial Mausoleum besides Graz Cathedral (Graz, Austria)

Marie Thérèse of France – Kostanjevica Monastery  (Nova Gorica, Slovenia)

Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily – Chapelle royale de Dreux (Dreux, France)

Eugénie de Montijo – Saint Michael’s Abbey (Farnborough, UK)


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