Christina & Blanche: A new age of disabled royals

February 10, 2018 Moniek 2

This is a guest article by Meghan.  This will be my final article about the disabled royal women. We’ll be discussing a couple of ladies of the new age! These modern royals have older siblings on their family trees, so they’re not as expected to attend and/or host as many royal engagements as the rest [read more]

The Daughters of William the Silent: Emilia Antwerpiana of Nassau

October 30, 2017 Moniek 0

Emilia Secunda Antwerpiana of Nassau, also known as Amelie, was born on 9 December 1581 as the sixth and last daughter of William of Orange and Charlotte of Bourbon. She received the name Secundia because a daughter from William’s previous marriage was also named Emilia. Emilia never knew her mother, who died just five months [read more]

Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld and Castle Warmelo

July 7, 2017 Moniek 0

Armgard von Cramm was born on 18 December 1883 as the daughter of Baron Aschwin von Sierstorpff-Cramm and Baroness Hedwig von Sierstorpff-Driburg. Her first marriage was on 24 October 1905 to Count Bodo von Oeynhausen, but they remained childless and divorced in 1908. On 4 March 1909, she remarried to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, which was considered [read more]

Marie d’Harcourt’s prayerbook available online

July 3, 2017 Moniek 0

Marie d’Harcourt, or Mary of Guelders as she is perhaps better known, was Duchess of Guelders as the wife of Reinald IV, Duke of Guelders and Jülich. They had no children and Marie was widowed in 1423 when her husband died while en route to Castle Rosendael. She remarried in 1426 to Rupert of Jülich-Berg, who was 20 [read more]

The unknown Princess Sophie of the Netherlands

October 5, 2016 Moniek 0

This house in The Hague is quite unknown as a former royal residence. It was once the summer home of Princess Sophie of the Netherlands, Grand Duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. She was born on 8 April 1824 as the daughter of the future William II of the Netherlands and Anna Pavlovna of Russia. She grew up [read more]

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