Burial places of the Queens of England

elizabeth funeral
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Funeral cortege of Elizabeth I of England

Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury – Shaftesbury Abbey (Shaftesbury, UK) Ruins

Ælfgifu – Winchester Cathedral (Winchester, UK)

Elfrida – Wherwell Abbey (Wherwell, UK) Demolished

Ælfgifu of York – Unknown

Ealdgyth (wife of Edmund Ironside) – Unknown

Emma of Normandy – First in Old Minster Cathedral (Winchester,UK). Bones now in Winchester Cathedral (Winchester, UK)

Edith of Wessex – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Ealdgyth (wife of Harold II) – Unknown

Matilda of Flanders – Abbey of Sainte-Trinité, Caen (Normandy, France)

Matilda of Scotland – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Empress Matilda – First in the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin (Normandy, France). Now in Rouen Cathedral (Rouen, France)

Adeliza of Louvain – Affligem Abbey (Belgium)

Matilda of Boulogne – Faversham Abbey (Faversham, UK) Demolished. The bones were probably thrown in Faversham Creek when it was demolished. Also possible is that the bones were re-interred in Faversham Parish Church of St Mary of Charity .

Eleanor of Aquitaine – Fontevraud Abbey (Chinon, France)

Berengaria of Navarre – L’Epau Abbey (Le Mans, France)

Isabella of Angouleme – Fontevraud Abbey (Chinon, France)

Eleanor of Provence – Amesbury Abbey (Amesbury, UK)

Eleanor of Castile – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Margaret of France – Christ Church Greyfriars (London, UK) Ruins

Isabella of France – Christ Church Greyfriars (London, UK) Ruins

Philippa of Hainault – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Anne of Bohemia – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Isabella of Valois – Church of the Celestines (Paris, France) Demolished

Joan of Navarre – Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury, UK)

Catherine of Valois – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Margaret of Anjou – Angers Cathedral (Anjou, France)

Elizabeth Woodville – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

Anne Neville – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Elizabeth of York – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Catherine of Aragon – Peterborough Cathedral (Peterborough, UK)

Anne Boleyn –  Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (London, UK)

Jane Seymour – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

Anne of Cleves – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Catherine Howard – Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (London, UK)

Catherine Parr – Sudeley Castle Chapel (Winchcombe, UK)

Lady Jane Grey – Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (London, UK)

Mary I of England – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Elizabeth I of England – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Anne of Denmark – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Henrietta Maria of France – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France)

Catherine of Braganza – Pantheon of the Braganzas (Lisbon, Portugal)

Mary of Modena – Convent of the Visitations (Chaillot, France)

Mary II of England – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Anne of Great Britain – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

–> Queen Anne was the last Queen of England. From 1707, she was the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.

Caroline of Ansbach – Westminster Abbey (London, UK)

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz  –  St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

–> From 1801, Charlotte was Queen of the United Kingdom following the Acts of Union 1800.

Caroline of Brunswick – Brunswick Cathedral (Brunswick, Germany)

Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

Victoria – Royal Mausoleum, Frogmore (Windsor, UK)

Alexandra of Denmark – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

Mary of Teck – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – St. George’s Chapel (Windsor, UK)

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