Royal Crowns at the Diamond Museum

April 15, 2017 Moniek 0

I knew never the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam held such treasures, but unfortunately, my hopes were shattered when I learned that all items are replicas. Nevertheless, they are beautiful, and many of which I would never have seen otherwise. The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam is near the Rijksmuseum and easily accessible by public transport. The entrance [read more]

Diana, Princess of Wales’s memorial garden opened to the public

April 13, 2017 Moniek 0

  Embed from Getty Images Diana, Princess of Wales’s memorial garden, called  The White Garden, has been planted with flowers inspired by memories of Diana’s life, style and image and is now open to the public at Kensington Palace. Diana, Princess of Wales lived at Kensington Palace until her death in 1997. Gardeners spoke with [read more]

The Tomb of Richenza of Lotharingia

March 29, 2017 Moniek 0

Cologne Cathedral is huge and imposing, and it’s actually quite surprisingly that there aren’t more royal tombs. The building commenced in 1248 but was halted in 1473, and it was left unfinished until 1880. It was badly hit during the Second World War, but it remained standing, and it was repaired by 1956. It was [read more]

The Tomb of Empress Theophanu

March 22, 2017 Moniek 0

This small church is quite a hidden gem in Cologne. The area is rather residential and when I arrived the neighbourhood and the church itself were deserted. I spent the entire time there completely alone (which I didn’t mind!). The Pantaleon Church is one of twelve surviving roman churches in Cologne. The first version of this [read more]

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