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The Siegen Upper Castle

The Siegen Obere Schloss (Upper Castle) dates from around the 13th century, and it has carried the name Oberes Schloss since around 1670. In the 15th century, the Counts of Nassau ran the town, and the castle and the castle gained defensive towers and walls. Unfortunately, much of the main building was destroyed by fire [read more]

Places To Visit

Schloss Ahlden – Sophia Dorothea’s prison

Sophia Dorothea of Celle should have been Queen of Great Britain but her divorce from the future King George I put any stop to that. Sophia Dorothea of Celle was born on 15 September 1666 as the daughter of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and his mistress, Eleonore d’Esmier d’Olbreuse. Her parents officially married in [read more]

Elisabeth of Hohenzollern-Nuremberg

The grave of Elisabeth of Hohenzollern-Nuremberg

The city of Heidelberg is perhaps most famous for the ruins of Heidelberg Castle, but there is plenty more royal history to explore. One of these places is the Heiligengeistkirche or Church of the Holy Spirit. This church houses the remains of the Palatinate and Palatinate-Simmern family, a branch of the Wittelsbachs. It is also [read more]

Christian VII Palace
Margrethe II of Denmark

The Amalienborg complex

The Amalienborg complex in Copenhagen is the official residence of the Danish royal family. It consists of four almost identical palaces around an octagonal courtyard. It was originally built for four noble families, but the royal family purchased the complex after a fire devastated Christianborg Palace. Christian VII’s Palace Christian VII’s Palace was originally built [read more]

Places To Visit

A Princely Crypt in Siegen

The Furstengruft, or Princely Crypt in Siegen, was founded by John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen, whose grandfather was a younger brother of William I (the Silent), Prince of Orange. Nassau-Siegen was a principality within the Holy Roman Empire. John Maurice had been trying to decide between Cleves and Siegen for a burial place and finally [read more]