The Netherlands before 1581

Ada of Holland (1188-1234)

Ada of Huntingdon

Adelaide of Cleves

Adelaide of Guelders

Anna van den Bergh

Anna of Egmont

Anna of Lorraine

Anna of Saxony

Beatrice of Flanders

Catherine of Bourbon

Charlotte Flandrina of Nassau

Cimburga of Baden

Eleanor of Woodstock

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Elizabeth of Rhuddlan

Ermgard of Limburg

Françoise of Savoy

Gertrude of Saxony

Hildegard of Flanders

Johanna of Polanen

Katherine of Bavaria

Lutgardis of Luxembourg

Margaret of Cleves

Margaret of Flanders

Margaret of Holland

Margaret of Parma

Maria of Hohenstaufen

Maria of Nassau (1556-1616)

Marie d’Evreux

Marie d’Harcourt

Matilda of Brabant

Philippa of Dammartin

Sophia Berthout


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