Henriette of Schönaich-Carolath

Empress Hermine’s descendants

*contains affiliate links* Empress Hermine, born Hermine Reuss of Greiz, did not have any children from her second marriage to the exiled Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany. However, her first marriage to Prince Johann George of Schönaich-Carolath produced five children and through her daughter’s marriage with the Emperor’s grandson, the bloodlines intertwined anyway. For more [read more]


Richildis – The warrior Countess

This article was written by Carol. Richildis is believed to be the daughter of Rainier of Hanson and Adelaide von Egisheim, an Alsacian family related to the Holy Roman Emperor. It is believed Richildis inherited the county of Valenciennes from her father which was merged with the county of Hainaut when she married Herman of [read more]

Abbasid Empire

Zubaidah bint Ja’far – The road to Mecca

Like her mother-in-law and aunt al-Khayzuran before her, Zubaidah bint Ja’far has all but disappeared from history. Her birthdate is unknown, though she was at least one year younger than her future husband, Harun al-Rashid. Her birth year is estimated to be around 766. Zubaidah was the daughter of Ja’far, a half-brother of al-Mahdi, the [read more]