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My name is Moniek (please call me Mo!) and I live in Arnhem in the Netherlands. My interest began with Anne Boleyn and the Tudor times, but it greatly expanded over time as I found more and more admirable women in other countries and kingdoms.  I enjoy visiting the places where these women lived and died and I love reading about them.

I am not a historian and this is just a hobby!

If you wish to contact me, you can do so here. You can also find me on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.


HRW Contributors


My name is Amy, I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom. I am currently a third year History student and hope to carry on with post-graduate study next year. History has always been my one true love! The Early-Modern period is my preferred era, in particular the Seventeenth Century. I am always drawn to anything to do with the Holy Roman Empire, especially roles for women under the Empire. I spend my spare time with my family at our allotment and watching lots of period dramas and historical TV shows.



My name is Brittani, and I am from Tennessee, USA. I have a B.A. in Political Science and History from the University of Tennessee: Knoxville, and I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree at Northeastern University. I’ve been passionate about history since I was a child. My favorite areas to study and research are World War II through the Cold War, as well as studying the ancient Romans and Egyptians. Aside from pursuing my passion for writing about history, I am the Europe Correspondent for Royal Central. I am also an avid reader who believes you can never stop learning! On any weekend in the fall, you can find me watching college football (American football) and cheering on my Tennessee Volunteers! You can contact me on Twitter @brittani_91 .


img_0078Living in Europe as a child I was fascinated by the history around me. Now many years later and retired in Boston, Ma USA , I am once again indulging my love of history and the stories of the people who came before.




My name is Franziska and I’m from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. I am currently studying English and German at the University of Tübingen and history is a huge part of my studies. I’ve been very passionate about history since I was a child. My favourite areas are the history of the German-speaking Europe as well as the history of the United Kingdom. Especially the middle ages are interesting to me and I am currently specialising in medieval German poetry.
Hello! My name is Taylor and I’m from United States (The state of Texas is where I currently reside). I’m currently working as a receptionist. I have a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies in concentrations in Business and English. Always had a deep interest in history and royals since I was a young girl. My favorite areas to study and research (if information is available) are Medieval Europe, Imperial Russia, the Victorian Era, and early-to-mid 20th century. Besides history, my other interests are learning languages, music, and literature. Here’s my Facebook and Tumblr if anyone’s interested.
Hi, my name is Kelly Mallari and I am a Master of Arts graduate from the University of NC at Greensboro.  I love history and I have always had an interest in British History in particular. I specialise in British Literature from Elizabethan to Victorian but I love writing opinion or factual pieces about the socio-economic climate of the 15th – 19th century London.  The protocol and artisan way of life resonates with me as I have a profound appreciation for historical grandeur and life. I currently live in Greensboro, NC in the US and Battersea, London, England depending on what month it is!
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