Adelaide of Italy

Saint Adelaide – Queen of Italy

This article was written by Carol. Adelaide was one of the most powerful women of the 10th century in Europe. Adelaide was born in 931 to King Rudolph II of Burgundy. When Adelaide was two, her father betrothed her to Lothair, the son of Hugh of Provence. This was part of a peace settlement between [read more]

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Adela of Champagne

Burial places of the Queens of France

Basilica of St. Denis Ermentrude of Orléans – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France) Richilde of the Ardennes – Basilica of St. Denis (Paris, France) Adelaide of Paris – Saint-Corneille Abbey  (Compiègne,France) Richardis of Swabia – Andlau Abbey  (Alsace, France) Théodrate of Troyes – Unknown Frederuna – Abbey of Saint-Remi (Reims, France) Eadgifu of Wessex – Abbey of Saint-Médard de Soissons (Picardie, France) Partially in [read more]