The Year of Maria Theresa: The Ceding of Lorraine

July 9, 2017 Moniek 0

The marriage of Maria Theresa and Francis of Lorraine came with quite a few consequences. Francis had succeeded his father as Duke of Lorraine in 1729, but as part of a solution to the War of the Polish Succession, Emperor Charles VI asked that Francis gave away Lorraine to the deposed King of Poland for his lifetime. For [read more]

The Year of Maria Theresa: Coronation as Queen of Hungary

June 25, 2017 Carol 0

When Maria Theresa inherited the Habsburg lands in 1740 on the death of her father, the only part of her empire that seemed secure was Hungary. The Hungarian Diet (parliament) had previously agreed to her accession to the throne and plans began almost immediately for a coronation ceremony. From 1536 until 1830 the Hungarian coronation [read more]

The Year of Maria Theresa: Birth of Ferdinand

June 1, 2017 Amy Eloise Kelly 0

The fourth son and fourteenth child of Maria Theresa and her husband Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor was born on 1 June 1754. The baby Archduke was named Ferdinand Karl. As one of the last children of the Imperial couple, it was always unlikely that Ferdinand would rule as Emperor or reign over any of [read more]

The Year of Maria Theresa: Maria Theresa contracts smallpox

May 14, 2017 Moniek 0

In May 1767 Maria Theresa celebrated her 50th birthday but an epidemic was coming to the household. Maria Josepha of Bavaria, her daughter-in-law, was the first one to fall ill and Maria Theresa was with her when she received the diagnoses. She stayed to comfort and kiss her, but then came down with smallpox herself. [read more]

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