The Year of Maria Theresa: the second Maria Carolina

September 17, 2017 Brittani 0

In continuation of our “Year of Maria Theresa” series, we take a look at the birth of (the second) Maria Carolina. Born on 17 September 1748, Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria was born to Maria Theresa I, Holy Roman Empress and Francis of Lorraine. She was the second child of the couple to be named Maria Carolina. She [read more]

The Year of Maria Theresa: Holy Roman Empress

September 13, 2017 Amy Eloise Kelly 0

When Maria Theresa’s father, Emperor Charles VI died in 1740; Maria Theresa’s sex meant that she was barred from becoming Holy Roman Empress in her own right. However, she did inherit many of her father’s family dominions which he had secured for her during his lifetime by pushing through an act called the Pragmatic sanction in [read more]

The Year of Maria Theresa: The Exhumation Order

September 10, 2017 Moniek 0

Maria Theresa was very much her father’s daughter and one of the things she inherited from him was her fascination concerning the exhumation of her distant ancestors. The remains of Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of the Romans, Leopold the Glorious, Duke of Austria and his wife, Catherine of Savoy, Henry the Friendly and his wife, [read more]

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