A Tale of Two Queens: “Mary Stuart” by Friedrich Schiller

June 5, 2018 Franziska 0

The name Friedrich Schiller rings a bell in almost everyone in the German-speaking part of Europe. For many, Schiller’s dramas and poetry were firm components of the German lessons at school, and countless students have suffered their way through works like “Die Räuber” and “Wallenstein”. Schiller is, however, also famous for his drama about Elizabeth [read more]

Book News June 2018

May 19, 2018 Moniek 0

The Royal Art of Poison: Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicine, Filthy Palaces, and Murder Most Foul Hardcover- 12 June 2018 (US & UK) The story of poison is the story of power. For centuries, royal families have feared the gut-roiling, vomit-inducing agony of a little something added to their food or wine by an enemy. To [read more]

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