The Royal Women


  1. Thank you for sharing such ‘behind the scenes’ stories of royal women who made it to the history books. Great work, light reading and interesting research !

  2. I am happy to find this site. I have always been interested in European History and have a love for reading about the lives of Queens and Royalty. I am a Decendent of several of the Aristocratic Families in Europe in two of my Family trees. I also am a Fashion History Buff and a Fashion Illustration Artist with a Degree in Fashion Design and enjoy drawing Period Fashion. My dream was to be a Costume Designer but life sometimes goes a different way!

  3. I found and have enjoyed reading your site on royal women and their not so perfect lives. Have you any information on a Dorine Yvonne de bourbon? father either georges or Jaime de bourbon (prince). on her English marriage certificates x2 she has claimed her father a prince. Can you provide a connection for me to our current Prince Phillip side of the family I believe?

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading about Queen Victoria for the past year. There are great articles all over the website. Please keep up the fabulous work. I love any information about the British Roysls and you have an abundance of that. You are a great asset to the Royals.

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