1. Thank you for sharing such ‘behind the scenes’ stories of royal women who made it to the history books. Great work, light reading and interesting research !

    • I want to be re-subscribed to the Saturday edition of The History of Royal Women. I have been several times in the past and then I just stop getting the emails. I tried resubscribing but never get the email to confirm my email address. I enjoy these so much. If there is anything you can do to get mgetting the mai, again, I would appreciate it.

  2. I am happy to find this site. I have always been interested in European History and have a love for reading about the lives of Queens and Royalty. I am a Decendent of several of the Aristocratic Families in Europe in two of my Family trees. I also am a Fashion History Buff and a Fashion Illustration Artist with a Degree in Fashion Design and enjoy drawing Period Fashion. My dream was to be a Costume Designer but life sometimes goes a different way!

  3. I found and have enjoyed reading your site on royal women and their not so perfect lives. Have you any information on a Dorine Yvonne de bourbon? father either georges or Jaime de bourbon (prince). on her English marriage certificates x2 she has claimed her father a prince. Can you provide a connection for me to our current Prince Phillip side of the family I believe?

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading about Queen Victoria for the past year. There are great articles all over the website. Please keep up the fabulous work. I love any information about the British Roysls and you have an abundance of that. You are a great asset to the Royals.

  5. I’ve always been a very passionate woman about History. However life took different turns but the love for History remained untouched, thank God. Is it possible for you to provide me with the names of your publishers as well as the names of the titles of each book/s? Sorry if this seams strange… english is not my first language, you know but I do my best.

    • My publisher is Chronos Books and so far I have written two books: Carolina of Orange-Nassau: Ancestress of the Royal Houses of Europe and Hermine: An Empress in Exile (to be published at the end of the year).

  6. Found this site by accident. Absolutely love it, and especially the articles on Wilhelmina. But the articles on unknown or women not in the spotlight are so interesting…I have kept them all…I’m their special folders…THANK YOU for doing this and keep up the wonderful work! And in an on your website and READ it every day!

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