Lost Kingdoms: Kingdom of France

January 15, 2018 Moniek 1

The Kingdom of France originated when Hugh Capet was elected King and founded the Capetian dynasty. Before, the area of the Frankish empire was ruled by several dynasties. Hugh Capet was married to Adelaide of Aquitaine, and she was known as Queen of the Franks. They had three children that can be accounted for, including Hugh’s [read more]

Anne of Brittany – A twice crowned Queen

November 24, 2017 Moniek 1

Anne of Brittany was born on 25 January 1476 at 6.30 in the morning as the daughter of Francis II, Duke of Brittany and Margaret of Foix. Her father had married once before, to his cousin Margaret of Brittany, who had given him a son who died not long after birth. Margaret died of consumption [read more]

Chateau du Clos Lucé – Writing and Prayer

August 30, 2017 Moniek 0

The Chateau de Cloux, now known as the Chateau du Clos Lucé was built in 1471 on the foundations of a 12th-century building.  The main part of the chateau is based around an octagonal corner tower with a spiral staircase with two-storey buildings at right angles. It was bought by Charles VIII in 1490 and is [read more]

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