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On 18 January 2021, Vanitatis El Confidencial published an interview with me regarding my new book but also about my opinion on some contemporary royals.


In the first issue of 2021, I was interviewed regarding Diana, Princess of Wales and her enduring legacy.

From the Arnhemse Koerier 6 December 2017

I received permission from the King

Book about King William I’s aunt

She studied law, but now it seems like the 29-year-old Moniek Bloks from Arnhem is headed towards a completely new career. An English publisher wants to publish her book about the aunt of King William I. Months of research preceded it.

Arnhem – “It’s quite exciting, everyone will be able to read my words”, says Bloks with a smile. The title of her book is: “Carolina of Orange-Nassau, Ancestress of the Kings and Queens of Europe.” Carolina of Orange-Nassau, born in 1743, is hardly known to a wider audience, contrary to her nephew, King William I, who is the subject of several books. “Royal history is usually about men or the victors and that annoys me. There are plenty of women who had a great influence on history, but nobody talks about them”, says Bloks. Her passion for history and royal history goes deep. “I’ve always been interested in history. Almost ten years ago, I discovered royal history and began to study it.” She has over 300 books in her possession about European royal history. “These books are practically all in English. I’ve also written my book in English. I like the language and I can reach a larger audience.”

The book about Carolina of Orange-Nassau will be for sale this summer. “It’s unbelievable and I am really happy.” Although this may be Bloks’s first book, writing about royal history is not. She has a sucessful website, where she writes articles on princesses and queens. This is also how she got the idea to write a book about Carolina. “I was researching an article and found a portrait of her. I immediately wanted to know more. Her life was so interesting, I just knew there was more to her. Her life is so underexposed. The last book about her life was released in 1903. That is over 100 years ago!” And so began Bloks’s search for Queen Emma’s great-great-grandmother. With permission from the King, via an official letter, Bloks got to visit the Royal House Archives. “I’ve held hundreds of letters written by Carolina of Orange-Nassau. That was really special. I got a look into her life and the special bond with her brother. And did you know that Carolina of Orange-Nassau saved Mozart’s life?”

It is still a little wait until the book is in stores, but Bloks is already planning for another book. ” I have so many ideas. There are so many stories to tell. I hope I can make a carreer out of this. I would offer myself up to write about all the female members of the Dutch royal house!”