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Marie Antoinette

The Year of Marie Antoinette – Reactions to Marie Antoinette’s execution

As the news of Marie Antoinette’s execution spread across Europe, reactions poured in. Her niece Archduchess Marianne, the daughter of Emperor Leopold II, who had been born the day Marie Antoinette left for France, wrote to the Bishop of Nancy, “Monseigneur, I heard of the unfortunate Queen’s death in some black-sealed letters I received from [read more]

marie antoinette
Marie Antoinette

The Year of Marie Antoinette – The execution of Marie Antoinette

Just after midnight on 16 October 1793, her defence council was finally allowed to do its job. Her two defence councillors, Chauveau-Lagarde and Tronçon-Ducoudray, quickly discussed their strategy, and it was decided that Chauveau-Lagarde would focus on her alleged conspiracy with the foreign powers while Tronçon-Ducoudray would focus on alleged conspiracy with enemies within France. [read more]