Isabella of Angoulême – Queen of England

This article was written by Marie. Neither of Isabella of Angoulême’s marriages did her reputation any favours. John, her first husband, is still viewed as one of the worst kings in English history and some of the notoriety rubbed off on his young wife.  Out of his shadow, she chose her second husband herself.  That independence of mind probably [read more]

Isabella of Angouleme

Joan, Queen of Scots – A jilted bride

This article was written by Marie. Joan is the bride whose mother took off with the groom. In this case, the frisky mother was Isabelle of Angoulême: a widowed queen on the look-out for a new husband. But as Joan was only ten at the time, it can’t have been too much of a snub.  She probably wasn’t that close [read more]

elizabeth funeral
Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Burial places of the Queens of England

Funeral cortege of Elizabeth I of England Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury – Shaftesbury Abbey (Shaftesbury, UK) Ruins Ælfgifu – Winchester Cathedral (Winchester, UK) Elfrida – Wherwell Abbey (Wherwell, UK) Demolished Ælfgifu of York – Unknown Ealdgyth (wife of Edmund Ironside) – Unknown Emma of Normandy – First in Old Minster Cathedral (Winchester,UK). Bones now in Winchester Cathedral (Winchester, UK) [read more]