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The Duchess of Windsor – Her jewels

The Duchess of Windsor had an impressive jewellery collection that the Duke of Windsor gifted her throughout their marriage. The collection was so extensive that it was given the nickname “the alternative Crown Jewels.” The Duchess had many extravagant jewellery items in her royal life – including a diamond, onyx and emerald panther bracelet; a [read more]

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Judith of Flanders – Countess and Duchess

This article was written by Carol. Judith of Flanders was the daughter of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders and his second wife, a daughter of the Duke of Normandy. Baldwin was thirty years older than his wife.  Judith was born around 1031. Judith’s father died just a few years later in 1035, and she was [read more]

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Anne Hyde

The Duchess of York’s Spy Aunt

It is unclear if Anne, the future Duchess of York, even knew her aunt well but Susan Hyde, the sister of her father Edward Hyde, the future 1st Earl of Clarendon, has been relegated to less than a footnote in history. The date of her birth is not known, but she was baptised on 22 [read more]