Catherine of Aragon

The Spanish Princess – Behind the series

With the premiere of The Spanish Princess later tonight, we take a look at the real royalty behind the drama. Catherine of Aragon The Spanish Princess‘ titular character is, of course, Catherine of Aragon. Born in 1485 as the youngest daughter of the Catholic Monarchs; Isabella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. By [read more]

elizabeth york
Catherine of Aragon

Elizabeth of York – The York Rose

Elizabeth of York was born on 11 February 1466 as the daughter of Elizabeth Woodville and King Edward IV of England. Her parents’ marriage had been a private affair, which was only revealed on 14 September 1464, when negotiations for a marriage to Bona of Savoy were well underway. Elizabeth Woodville was a widow with two [read more]

margaret beaufort
Elizabeth of York

Margaret Beaufort – My Lady the King’s Mother

Lady Margaret Beaufort was born on 31 May 1443 at Bletso as the daughter of Margaret Beauchamp and John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. Margaret had seven half-siblings from her mother’s first marriage to Sir Oliver St John and would later have another half-brother from her mother’s third marriage to Lionel de Welles, 6th Baron Welles. Her [read more]