1917. Romanovs and Revolution at the Hermitage Amsterdam

Photo by Moniek Bloks

2017 marks 100 years since the start of the Russian revolution which would end in the grisly execution of the Nicholas II, his wife, four daughters and his son. The Hermitage Amsterdam hosts this new exhibition on that fateful year and describes in 7 missteps how it all went wrong for Nicholas.

The exhibition opens in a sort of gallery where you can window shop the items.

The gallery is lovely but the real countdown begins in the second part of the exhibition, which also has some personal items.

This picture was a real highlight for me, it’s a shame the exit sign was over it!

Letter from Nicolas to Alexandra  (1893)
Letter from Alexandra to Nicholas  (1893)
The first misstep
Dress belonging to Alexandra

Misstep 2: The Tsar danced on after people are crushed to death during the distribution of coronation presents
Misstep 3:Nicholas fails to see the gravity of the situation in 1905.
Letter from Nicholas to his mother, Maria Feodorovna, on the installation of the duma.
Evening dress from Alexandra’s dressing room
Alexandra’s desk
Elizabeth Alexeievna (born Louise of Baden)
Nicholas, Alexandra and their second daughter
Misstep 4: Nicholas disappears into family life

Gift from Queen Victoria, used by the family.
Misstep 5: the influence of Rasputin

Prince Felix Yusupov and his wife Irina Alexandrovna . Felix participated in the assassination of Rasputin.
Misstep 6: Nicholas and Alexei leave St. Petersburg for the front
And the final misstep: Around 1,300 people are killed during protests.

Knife-bayonet used in the killing of the family
Alexandra’s diary, with her last entry on 16 July.

The last page of Alexandra’s journal reads:


Irina’s 23rd B(irth)D(ay).

11. Grey morning, later lovely sunshine. Baby has a light cold. All went out 1/2 hour in the morning. Olga & I arranged our medicines. T read Holy Writ.

3. They went out, T stayed with me & we read: the Books of the Prophet Amos and the Prophet Habbakuk. Tatted. Every morning the commandant comes into our rooms, at last after a week brought eggs again for Baby.

8. Supper. Suddenly Leshka Sednev was fetched to go & see his uncle flew off – wonder whether it is true & we shall see the boy again! Played bezique with N. 10 1/2 to bed. 15 degrees.

That night the family was brutally murdered in the basement of the house.

I really enjoyed this exhibition and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the area. The exhibition opens to the public today (3 February) and will run until 17 September 2017, after which the exhibition will move to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The entrance fee is €17,50, which is a bit on the expensive side. The Hermitage Amsterdam is open daily. Also take a look at the shop which has some items especially for this exhibition.

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