Alexandra of Denmark

The Romanovs – 17 July 1918

The saga of the Romanov family in Russia came to an end on 17 July 1918 when they were brutally murdered at the hands of the Bolsheviks. The family was being held at Ipatiev House, also called “The House of Special Purpose.” That purpose, of course, was the murder of the Tsar and his family. [read more]

The Royal Women

Tsar Nicholas II – The family man

The future Nicholas II of Russia was born on 18 May (O.S. 6 May) 1868 in the Alexander Palace as the son of Alexander III of Russia and Dagmar of Denmark. He was related to several European monarchs. Nicholas’s birth was followed by George in 1871, Xenia in 1875, Michael in 1878 and Olga in [read more]