“Sisi” novels to be adapted to TV-series

Screenshot from the Sisi trilogy (fair use)

Allison Pataki’s “Sisi” novels, based on the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, are set to be adapted into a TV-series by Amy Jenkins, who is also a writer for Netflix’s The Crown.

Allison Pataki has written two novels  called “The Accidental Empress” (which I reviewed in 2015) and “Sisi: Empress on Her Own.” The series is set to span from 1853 until the start of World War One (which surprised me since Sisi will have been dead for 16 years by then!)

“Sisi was an extraordinary young empress,” Jenkins told Variety. “Charismatic and free-thinking, she was a royal rebel who set the Hapsburg court on fire in a surprisingly modern way.” Jenkins added that she was “looking forward to bringing a very feminine perspective to her fascinating struggle for self-determination.”

It will be the first English language TV series about Sisi, though most will know the legendary German language Sisi movies featuring Romy Schneider.

More info to come.



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  1. Sometimes I don’t like movies or TV shows about Royal Ladies are not very true. I am looking forward to this show about Sisi and I hope it will be good!🥰😘😊💖🌸🌺🌷🎀🦢

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