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Downton Abbey Review – A royal visit

My personal love for Downton Abbey had died a quiet death alongside Matthew Crawley after season 3’s Christmas Special. I finished the series, of course, but it was never quite the same without him. I had to see the movie, especially after the trailer showed the plot was based around a royal visit by King [read more]


The Rain Queens of Balobedu

The Rain Queen – or Modjadji – is the hereditary Queen of Balobedu. The Balobedu people live in the Limpopo province in South Africa. Unlike many other monarchies, the succession is matrilineal. This means that the eldest daughter is the heir and men are completely banned from inheriting the throne. The history of the Rain [read more]

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Anna of Schweidnitz

Anna of Swidnica – A beloved Empress

After the death of his second wife Charles of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia wanted to marry again in order to have a surviving son.  He quickly decided that he would marry Anna of Swidnica, who was previously betrothed to his deceased son, Wenceslaus.  Anna was the daughter of a second son of a prince of [read more]