Elisabeth in Bavaria

Sisi’s flight to Madeira

After the birth of Crown Prince Rudolf in 1858, Elisabeth recovered slowly. She had not been allowed to nurse her son, so she suffered from milk congestion and fevers. Her fever remained for weeks after the birth, and Elisabeth became terribly weak. Her mother, Ludovika, was summoned to Vienna, and she arrived with several of [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

Sisi’s lost love

As the young Elisabeth travelled to Bad Ischl in 1853, where she would eventually leave as the Emperor’s fiancé, she was mourning the loss of her first love. Elisabeth had fallen in love with a young man who was considered totally unsuitable for her. His name was Count Richard S, and he had been in [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

Review: Corsage (2022)

*spoilers* Corsage (2022) is a brand-new film about Empress Elisabeth of Austria. However, rather than focussing on the youth of the Empress as films about her tend to do, we meet Elisabeth shortly before her 40th birthday in 1877. Elisabeth realises that she is getting old, which only adds to her obsession with controlling the [read more]