Lutgardis of Luxembourg – An unknown Countess

By Ipankonin - CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Lutgardis of Luxembourg was born circa 955 as the daughter of Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. Unfortunately, we do not know much about her. We know that her parents were very pious and they made sure that she was well-educated. Her sister Cunigunda, who married Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, learned to embroider but also to read and write. She also spoke Latin. Lutgardis probably had a similar education.

In 980, Lutgardis married the future Arnulf, Count of Holland. They went on to have at least two sons, the future Dirk III, Count of Holland and Sicco (Siegfried) who married a woman of unknown origin named Thetburg. They may have had one or more daughters but they are not recorded.  Lutgardis does not appear in any of her husband’s charters.

Lutgardis was with her sons in Ghent when she received the news of her husband’s death in battle in September 993. She then offered their possessions in Rugge to the St Peter’s Abbey in Ghent for her husband’s soul. With the help of her brother-in-law Henry II, the Holy Roman Emperor, she managed to maintain the county of Holland. She last appeared in 1005 when she asked for his help with the Frisians. She died on 13 May of an unknown but certainly after 1005. She was buried in Egmond Abbey next to her husband.

There is no surviving image of Lutgardis.1


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