Egmond Abbey & The Countesses of Holland

Photo by Moniek Bloks


Egmond Abbey is the oldest abbey in the Netherlands. It was founded in the early tenth century by Dirk I, Count of Holland. The original abbey was destroyed in 1573 on the orders of William of Orange. Before then it housed the graves of several counts and countesses of Holland. The abbey was rebuilt after the first world war. The graves were all cleared out, and the remains were placed together in a single tomb dedicated to Floris I, Count of Holland.




All those listed in red were originally buried at the abbey.

  1. Dirk I, Count of Holland
  2. Geva, Countess of Holland
  3. Dirk II, Count of Holland
  4. Hildegarde of Flanders
  5. Arnulf, Count of Holland
  6. Erlinde, Abbess of Egmond
  7. Lutgardis of Luxembourg (not red on the plaque but is buried there according to Wikipedia)
  8. Dirk III, Count of Holland
  9. Dirk IV, Count of Holland
  10. Floris I, Count of Holland
  11. Dirk V, Count of Holland
  12. Floris of Holland
  13. Othilde of Saxony
  14. Floris II, Count of Holland
  15. Dirk VI, Count of Holland
  16. Dirk VII, Count of Holland



The abbey is quite interesting to visit, but it is rather out of the way. I took a train to Heiloo and then a bus that only runs once per hour. The Abbey also has a shop with candles, and they often host tours. Entry to the abbey church is free.

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