Lutgardis of Luxembourg

Lutgardis of Luxembourg – An unknown Countess

Lutgardis of Luxembourg was born circa 955 as the daughter of Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. Unfortunately, we do not know much about her. We know that her parents were very pious and they made sure that she was well-educated. Her sister Cunigunda, who married Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, learned to embroider [read more]

Hildegard of Flanders

Hildegard of Flanders – A charitable Countess

Hildegard of Flanders was the daughter of Arnulf I, Count of Flanders and Adele of Vermandois. Her exact birthdate is unknown but by 938 – her parents had married in 934 – she was betrothed to the son of Dirk I, Count of Holland. She was certainly no more than a toddler considering her parents’ [read more]