Beatrice of Flanders

Beatrice of Flanders – The substitute bride

Beatrice of Flanders was born in Bruges circa 1253/1254 as the daughter of Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders and his first wife Matilda of Béthune. She had seven full siblings and eight half-siblings – from her father’s second marriage to Isabelle of Luxembourg. Beatrice married the 14-year-old Floris V, Count of Holland in 1269. [read more]

elisabeth brunswick
Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Luneburg – Queen & Countess

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg was born circa 1230 as the daughter of Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Matilda of Brandenburg. On 25 January 1252, Elisabeth married William II of Holland, who had also been elected King of the Romans in 1247. A huge fire ravaged the city of Brunswick during their wedding night, including through [read more]

mary hungary austria

Mary of Austria – The dedicated sister

Mary of Austria was born at the Coudenberg Palace in Brussels on 15 September 1505 as the daughter of Queen Joanna of Castile and King Philip I of Castile. She was their fifth child and her elder brother Charles, the future Holy Roman Emperor, was the centre of their world. A sixth child – a [read more]