One step closer to sainthood for Marie-Antoinette’s sister-in-law

Élisabeth of France had just celebrated her 30th birthday when she was removed from the Temple, where she had been imprisoned with her sister-in-law, Marie-Antoinette, Marie-Antoinette’s daughter Marie-Thérèse and son, now King Louis Louis XVII. Only Marie-Thérèse would emerge from the Temple alive.

Élisabeth was executed on 10 May 1794 along with 23 others. She reportedly conversed with several of them, helping them through their ordeal, while reciting De profundis. She was the last to be executed.

She was known for her piety and charity and her refusal to abandon her brother and his family. An association to promote her cause for beatification was introduced in 1924 and followed up in 1947. Her cause was reopened in 1953 and she was declared a Servant of God. Her cause was again reopened in 2016. French bishops have now approved the official opening of her cause.


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