execution louis xvi
Elisabeth of France (1764 - 1794)

The execution of King Louis XVI

Marie Antoinette’s husband, King Louis XVI, was officially arrested on 13 August 1792 and sent to the Temple prison. Much like in Versailles, his life was governed by a daily routine. His jailers observed his every move, which they reported to the press. Louis began his day between 6 and 7 o’clock, shaved and dressed [read more]

Elisabeth of France (1764 - 1794)

One step closer to sainthood for Marie-Antoinette’s sister-in-law

Élisabeth of France had just celebrated her 30th birthday when she was removed from the Temple, where she had been imprisoned with her sister-in-law, Marie-Antoinette, Marie-Antoinette’s daughter Marie-Thérèse and son, now King Louis Louis XVII. Only Marie-Thérèse would emerge from the Temple alive. Élisabeth was executed on 10 May 1794 along with 23 others. She reportedly conversed [read more]