margaret of austria
Margaret of Austria (1480 - 1530)

The Year of Isabella I of Castile – Margaret of Austria, The pearl of Burgundy (Part two)

Read part one here. Margaret met her future mother-in-law, Queen Isabella I of Castile, in Burgos shortly after her arrival. Margaret tried to kneel and kiss Isabella’s hand, but Isabella raised her up. The Venetian ambassador later wrote, “The Queen’s reception of her was quite a sight. Kissing and hugging many times, she took her [read more]

jeanne du barry

Review: Jeanne du Barry (2023)

Jeanne du Barry is a brand-new film about Madame du Barry, the last maîtresse-en-titre of King Louis XV of France, starring Maïwenn as Madame du Barry and Johnny Depp as King Louis XV. Jeanne du Barry begins chronologically and swiftly walks the viewer through a simplified version of her early life as the illegitimate daughter of [read more]