My Top 5 Books of 2015

Top 5 Books of 2015

I have done over 10 bookreviews in 2015 and it has been a hard choice indeed. I have enjoyed most of the books published in 2015 and I was glad to see a few more unknown women in their own biographies. I shall bore you no longer, here is my top 5 of 2015!

Joan of Kent: The First Princess of Wales by Penny Lawne

The research for this book is obviously well done and gives a vivid account into the life of a woman we did not know much about up to this point. It is certainly a must-read for all history lovers.

Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower: A New Assessment by Sandra Vasoli

Sandra has certainly done her research and reading about her experiences holding the original documents makes you feel like you’re there with her. She also makes a discovery about Henry’s true feelings about Anne’s fate, which I must say surprised me.  You’ll have to decide for yourself if you believe the letter is authentic and Sandra is excellent at taking you through the pros and cons.

The Forgotten Tudor Women by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

These women lived through Tudor times on the front lines and were sometimes in mortal danger themselves. They are quite overlooked characters of the time despite all three of them possibly becoming Queen (consort) of England.

Daughter of Venice: Caterina Corner, Queen of Cyprus and Woman of the Renaissance by Holly S. Hurlburt

I really enjoyed reading about Catherine and the book contains so much information and images, even the only surviving image of her signature and it’s things like that which make an unknown Queen come to life. It’s an extraordinary life too, from Venetian noblewoman to Queen in her own right, though she paid for it with the losses in her life.

England’s Queens Part 1 & Part 2
I love reading things like this as it adds an extra dimension to each queen’s story. I love Elizabeth Norton’s writing style and this book gives an excellent glimpse into the lives of these women. I would highly recommend it to all history lovers.



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