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Book News February 2023

*contains affiliate links*   The Boleyns: From the Tudors to the Windsors  Hardcover – 15 October 2022 (UK) & 15 February 2023 (US) Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, was executed on 19 May 1536. Her sister Mary, rumoured mistress to the monarch, lived on and survived the king’s wrath. But this is [read more]

blood sex royalty anne boleyn
Anne Boleyn

Blood, Sex & Royalty on Netflix

On 23 November, Netflix will premier a new biographical drama focussing on Anne Boleyn. But with it being described as a “steamy” and “sexy” show, what will it really be like? The Netflix synopsis for the three-part series reads: “In the 16th century, Anne Boleyn navigates treacherous sexual politics and rises to become Queen of [read more]


Review: SIX the Musical

The six wives of King Henry VIII of England are reclaiming their place in history, not just as the wives, but as their own person with their own stories to tell. And it wouldn’t be the 21st century if this wasn’t poured into an electric, funky musical with a fair bit of irony and sarcasm. [read more]