Book Reviews

Book News December 2021

*contains affiliate links* Escorting the Monarch: We Lead Others Follow  Paperback – 30 October 2021 (UK) & 30 December 2021 (US) Escorting the Monarch is as close to an official history of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Special Escort Group’ (SEG) as one could hope for. You may have seen the team at work; as the combination [read more]

The Royal Women

Books in English about Queen Wilhelmina

There is not much information available about Queen Wilhelmina in English but we have listed some books below: Wilhelmina’s memoirs: Lonely but not alone Darling Queen, Dear Old Bones (correspondence with her English governess Miss Saxton Winter) (US & UK) Queen Wilhelmina, mother of the Netherlands by Philip Paneth (US & UK) The royal ladies [read more]

Royal Media

Books and Media about the last Romanovs

Books Nicholas and Alexandra: The Classic Account of the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty (US & UK) The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra (US & UK) The Last Days of the Romanovs: Tragedy at Ekaterinburg (US & UK) Romanov: The Last Tsarist Dynasty (US & UK) Caught in [read more]

Blanche of Castile

January 2017 Book News

Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife Hardcover – 15 Oct 2016 (UK) & 10 January 2017 (US) Catherine of Aragon continues to fascinate readers 500 years after she became Henry VIII’s first queen. Her life was one of passion and determination, of suffering and hope, but ultimately it is a [read more]