Day two of Marie Antoinette’s trial

Trial of Marie-Antoinette on October 15, 1793.
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On 15 October 1783, Marie Antoinette was taken to the Tribunal Hall shortly before 8 a.m. She wore the same dress as the day before.

Once again, witnesses were called, but this time, Marie Antoinette was given a more comfortable chair. She tapped her fingers on the arm of the chair, which gave an “appearance of unconcern.”1 One of the witnesses called today was Antoine Simon, who was taking care of Marie Antoinette’s son in the Temple. He testified that the family had a vast network of informants as they were always kept well informed, even when they were imprisoned.

She once again held up well against the testimonies, and her maid Rosalie later wrote, “I heard some people talking about the sitting; they said, ‘Marie Antoinette will obtain her freedom – she has answered well – they will only banish her.'”2 During the recess of an hour, Rosalie brought Marie Antoinette some soup.

After the final witness, around midnight, Marie Antoinette said, “Yesterday, I did not know the witnesses. I knew not what they were to depose against me, and nobody has produced against me any positive evidence. I finish by observing that I was only the wife of Louis XVI, and it was my duty to conform myself to his will.”3

Very little evidence was actually produced against Marie Antoinette, but as the clock struck midnight, the trial continued.

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