The Young Victoria by Deirdre Murphy Book Review

Kensington Palace is celebrating the birth of Queen Victoria within their walls 200 years ago with two exhibitions – Victoria: Woman and Crown and Victoria: A Royal Childhood. Accompanying the exhibition is the exhibitions is the hardcover The Young Victoria by the late Deirdre Murphy who was senior curator at Historic Royal Palaces until her death in 2018.

The Young Victoria by Deirdre Murphy is a beautifully illustrated hardcover about the early years of Queen Victoria’s life and it talks about how Queen Victoria made her own childhood seem more melancholy than it perhaps was in reality. It also holds many images I had not seen before making it truly a treasure. In addition, it is very well-written. I can not wait to see the exhibitions.

The Young Victoria by Deirdre Murphy is available now in both the UK and the US.


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  1. So, the author decides to downplay/judge the Princess’ emotional state as an adolescent in a tense royal stand-off b/c of royal power struggles.It is common to dismiss girls/women psychological/emotional responses to perceive/actual danger as “hysteria”. What a shame Deidre Murphy had no training in psychology/therapy/forensic psychology. I base that statement strictly on my knowledge and training with knowledge of how women judge other women.

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