queen victoria golden jubilee necklace
Elizabeth II

Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace

Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace was created in 1888 after quite some debate. The “Women’s Jubilee Offering” committee had been established in 1887 with the purpose of marking Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. With the Queen’s approval, an equestrian statue of Prince Albert was made for Windsor Great Park, but the contributions raised far outgrew the [read more]

queen victoria diamond jubilee brooch
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Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch was given to Queen Victoria by her Household to mark her Diamond Jubilee in 1897. The brooch consists of a “scrolled and pierced foliate design, pave-set with diamonds, with pearl centre surrounded by brilliant in cut-down collets, suspending a detachable loop of brilliant with pearl drop; with alternative back fitting [read more]

queen victoria's bow brooches
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Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches

Queen Victoria’s bow brooches were created in 1858 after Queen Victoria had been forced to hand over the jewels of her grandmother Queen Charlotte to her uncle, the King of Hanover. The stones already belonged to Queen Victoria, 497 brilliant and nine roses. Queen Victoria left the brooches as heirlooms to the Crown. The brooches [read more]

elizabeth coronation
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The Coronation Earrings

The coronation earrings were created for Queen Victoria to replace the earrings that she had been required to hand over to her uncle, the King of Hanover. Embed from Getty Images The drops, which were approximately 12 and 7 carats, were originally part of the Koh-i-nûr armlet. In 1858, they were taken from the Timur [read more]

Queen Victoria's Fringe Brooch
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Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch

Queen Victoria’s Fringe Brooch began its life after the remodelling of another diamond ornament. This was done in 1856, and Queen Victoria wore the brooch in her Winterhalter portrait in 1859. The diamonds most likely came from jewels presented to Queen Victoria by the Sultan of Turkey in gratitude for the British support during the [read more]