Elizabeth of Austria and the curse of the royal tomb

Elizabeth of Austria was born around 1436 as the daughter of Albert II of Germany, Archduke of Austria, and his wife Elizabeth of Luxembourg. Although Elizabeth’s overall health was considered to be good, a 1973 study of her remains showed that she most likely had spinal tuberculosis at a young age. This led to a visibly deformed skeleton. [read more]

Elisabeth of Bohemia

Elisabeth of Bohemia’s family strife

Elisabeth of Bohemia was born on 20 January 1292, the fifth of ten children of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Judith of Habsburg. Out of the ten, only Elisabeth, a brother Wenceslaus, and two sisters, Anne and Margaret survived childhood. When Elisabeth was five, her mother died in childbirth. Her father remarried to Elisabeth-Richeza of [read more]