The transfer of the Romanovs to Yekaterinburg

Our Year of the Last Romanovs series continues with the transfer to Yekaterinburg. It was 1917, and Tsar Nicholas II was no longer on the throne. After being under house arrest, the family, who had been put on soldier’s rations, was moved from Tobolsk to the city of Yekaterinburg (also called Ekaterinburg) the following year after the Bolsheviks [read more]

Book Reviews

Sisters to the King by Maria Perry Book Review

Although in the Tudor age Henry VIII’s sisters Margaret and Mary were considered more important personalities than his six wives, they had less of the contemporary limelight . . . until Maria Perry examined their amazing lives and influence on European history. Margaret became Queen of Scotland at the age of 13, while Mary, Henry’s [read more]


Empress Suiko – Japan’s first reigning Empress

Empress Suiko was the first recorded Empress regnant of Japan. She was able to maintain her rule and authority for 35 years. She established Buddhism as the main religion in Japan. She initiated steps to centralise the state under imperial rule. She established the first cap and rank system and adopted Japan’s oldest constitutions. Empress [read more]