Maria Salviati

Maria Salviati – The creation of a ruler

This article was written by Ezgi Özcan. Maria Salviati was born in Florence as a member of two powerful families: Medici and Salviati. She was the first child of Lucrezia de’ Medici, who was the first child of Lorenzo de’ Medici (The Magnificent) and Clarice Orsini. Maria married her cousin Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, the [read more]

The Royal Women

A roundup of The Year of the Last Romanovs

As the year 2018 and the Year of the Last Romanovs comes to an end, here are the top five articles of the Year from a total of 54 articles! Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia  Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna  The imposters of Alexei, Olga and Tatiana  Rejection of Alexandra Feodorovna by the Russian People  [read more]

The Royal Women

The murder of Rasputin

The unpopularity of Grigory Rasputin could only end in one way, his murder. Many people around him were suspicious when he received an invitation to the home of Prince Felix Yusupov, who was married to Princess Irina of Russia, Nicholas II’s niece. Rasputin’s daughter even went as far as to hide his boots so that he would [read more]