Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte

The Bonaparte Women – Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte

Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte was born on 31 October 1802 in Mortefontaine in France as the daughter of Joseph Bonaparte and Julie Clary. Her father was the elder brother of Emperor Napoleon I. Her eldest sister Julie died in infancy, but another sister named Zénaïde survived to adulthood. Her father became King of Naples and Sicily in 1806, and later also King of Spain [read more]

charlotte belgium
Charlotte of Belgium

Charlotte of Belgium – Empress of nowhere

Charlotte of Belgium was born on 7 June 1840 as the daughter of Leopold I of Belgium and Louise of Orléans. Though her childhood was considered to be happy, she had little contact with her parents. Charlotte was separated from her brothers and was given an entirely different education. She grew up fast, and Charlotte was just [read more]