New DNA-testing on Romanov remains will be believed by the Russian Orthodox Church

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything concerning the remains of Tsarevich Alexei and his sister Grand Duchess Maria. The Russian Orthodox Church required addition DNA-testing for their reburial as they and their family are considered to be holy martyrs and passion bearers in the Russian Orthodox Church. Just yesterday a news report came that the Russian Orthodox Church will believe the new DNA results, which will hopefully be confirmed soon.

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A year ago, it was only talk of burial are believed to be the remains of Tsarevich Alexei and his sister, Princess Maria and additional identification of the remains of those who have buried in the royal crypt in the Peter and Paul Fortress. And then -. Silence What’s the matter?

Probably the most memorable images – opening of the tomb of the Emperor Alexander III of, the benefit is now possible to determine the DNA and the skull, without destroying it. So it will be possible to trace the entire chain of kinship: his grandfather, Alexander III, son of Nicholas II, who grandson of Tsarevich Alexei.

And in the next limit was actually opened the crypt where the sarcophagus with the officers of arms of Nicholas II in the presence of the clergy and the investigator Vladimir Solovyov, who led the “case of the Romanovs” the previous quarter of a century, new materials were taken for examination.

And like in the past twenty years, genetics, DNA tests on the so stepped forward, that something else? What, then, and Prince Dimitri Romanov, customized optimistic, yet still offers just wait? Pause holds Church. Why? This was told Tikhon (Shevkunov), Bishop of Yegoryevsk, Vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

– What do you have to answer to the charge, which sounds even in idle talk that here these obscurantist clerics …

– Yes, this is us.

– Do not believe a genetic examination. We are not naughty, but much much more than genetic examination ?!

– We believe the genetic examination. Wonderful Rogayev scientist conducting these studies. We absolutely trust the genetic analysis. But we asked him a question: did you have samples, and the second one, you were compared with each other. And they say that it’s close relatives. And do you imagine where these samples were taken? Do they come from other places, as historians say? He says: “No, it’s none of my business where I can not argue is not my competence…” That this is the question. So we were asked to conduct a comprehensive study – genetic, anthropological and, most importantly, the historical. Historical research – is that, in our view, has been largely underdeveloped in the investigation period. Investigative Committee creates a special historical commission of experts, which at the request of His Holiness the Patriarch will not enter those very distinguished historians us that in previous years were engaged in this topic. The fact that they are each fused with their version of their scientific opponents as it will also defend his version.Therefore, His Holiness Patriarch suggested inviting highly professional historians, who in a short time period may be sufficiently clear to understand this subject, but that have to do with it did not have to uphold a given position relationship had not.

– Why indeed were admitted flaws in the investigation of 90 and the number of material evidence were not made obvious: a shirt of Nicholas II with traces of blood from Japan, the uniform of Alexander II, in which he was killed, which also contains traces of blood? Where not enough either accuracy, or discipline, or perhaps normal respectful dialogue with the Church?

– We gratefully and respectfully treat the work of investigators, including the investigator Solovyov. really huge work has been done, but, like any great work, of course, will be a lot of questions. They emerged. Professionals say that the work done is not perfect, down to the smallest detail. I am very grateful to the new investigator who came and said at the outset: “Father, we have started the investigation, but I replaced the investigation file number.” I say: “What is it?” I was not aware of. He says: “There’s a number, not much.” I say: “Do I mean 666 ?!” He says, “Yes.” I say, “Listen, well, who is it in the head ?!” Investigation of the case where there is a version of the ritual murder, and suddenly this thing called 18666!Why tease the geese?

– Where did the version that even if the remains are those that could have been tampered with the skull of Nicholas II?

– It is known that one of the murderers of the royal family was in the days of murder in Yekaterinburg pharmacy large amounts of alcohol, and the next day went to Moscow with three large boxes of heavy, tightly closed, in which, according to him, were shells samples. There is evidence of partial, not documented, it’s just people reported that someone saw in Lenin’s office is just what you and talk. This tradition is. And the rulers often require his enemy’s head to, so to speak, by the sure death.Some indirect evidence that this topic should continue to exist. For example, the same skeleton №4, which is attributed to Nicholas II. The spine is completely preserved and is in the fortress, but three vertebrae. The third, fourth and fifth – these are the cervical vertebrae, which are destroyed when the head is separated.This version, too, is considered by historians and criminologists. And we just observe it closely.

– Carrying out of examination of the skull after exhumation of Alexander III due to the fact that there are new scientific methods which allow the DNA to withdraw not only from the leg bones, for example, but also from the skull, it is this issue is not closed?

– For the first time the complete genome will be highlighted. This redundant information for identification, but we asked for was the complete genome.Therefore, the main issue is not to our genetics, but to historians, archivists and investigators: how all this could happen?

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