reburial of Empress Maria Feodorovna
Dagmar of Denmark

A Tsarina’s dying wish – Looking back at the reburial of Empress Maria Feodorovna

On 28 September 2006, Empress Maria Feodorovna, born Princess Dagmar of Denmark, was finally buried next to her beloved husband at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. While her husband, Emperor Alexander III of Russia, had died in 1894, Maria Feodorovna had lived through the Russian Revolution and had only begrudgingly fled [read more]

Alexandra Feodorovna

New DNA-testing on Romanov remains will be believed by the Russian Orthodox Church

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything concerning the remains of Tsarevich Alexei and his sister Grand Duchess Maria. The Russian Orthodox Church required addition DNA-testing for their reburial as they and their family are considered to be holy martyrs and passion bearers in the Russian Orthodox Church. Just yesterday a news report came [read more]

Maria Nikolaevna of Russia

Grave of Emperor Alexander III may have been opened before and remains of Alexander I are missing

The Russian Orthodox Church does not rule out that the grave of Alexander III in St. Petersburg’s Petropavlovskaya Fortress could have been opened before. “We are not alleging anything, we are not alleging that the grave was invaded, although we believe it could have happened. The only thing we are alleging now is that the headstone [read more]