First results of investigation into “Yekaterinburg remains” made public

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The forensic tests being performed in the case of the “Yekaterinburg remains” have revealed indirect evidence that the remains are indeed those of Nicholas II and his family.

In an interview posted on criminalist Vyacheslav Popov said, “We have found traces of a sword blow to the head [presumably of Nicholas II].” The criminalist was involved in the study of the remains, where were found on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg, then buried in the Peter and Paul Fortress and now exhumed for examination. The blow of the sword is significant because then Tsarevich Nicholas was attacked with a sword by a Japanse police officer in 1891. Modern x-rays show two lateral dents on the skulls, with the elevated parts developing bone tissue. This means that the injury had started healing.

“However, we did not stop at that procedure, and we performed an X-ray with direct image enlargement, we studied the tone tissue structure, which is different on the edges. It can be said with confidence that the fracture was sustained when the person was alive, that it was an old fracture and it was most likely caused by a strike delivered with a long cutting object, for example, a sword,” Popov said.

The criminalist also confirmed that the grave found near Yekaterinburg in 1991 contained five relatives and that was proven by dental tests. The publication of the interview marks the beginning of the publication of the first results.

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