Valentina Visconti – Waiting for justice

This article was written by Carol. Valentina was born about 1370, the daughter of Gian Galleazo Visconti, Duke of Milan and the French princess Isabella de Valois. Valentina’s mother died in 1373, and she was mainly raised by her grandmother, Bianca of Savoy. Bianca was a cultured woman, and she passed on to Valentina a [read more]

Adelaide of France (1732 - 1800)

The Royal Women of the Basilica of St. Denis

Outside of the Basilica of St. Denis Last weekend I went on a Groupon day trip to Paris. While the organisation around the trip left something to be desired, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I visited several places, and I will be posting them in several articles as I have MANY pictures. My first stop of [read more]