Madame de Pompadour
The Royal Mistresses Series

Madame de Pompadour – The little Queen

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson was born in December 1721 in Paris. Her mother was Louise-Madeleine de La Motte, and her father was François Poisson, who was involved in the booming financial sector. When Jeanne’s father was exiled after a banking scandal, his colleague Charles François Paul Le Normant de Tournehem stepped in as her guardian. Due to [read more]

The Royal Women

Gorgo of Sparta

Many ancient female royals are rarely talked about for a variety of reasons. One female monarch that we do not hear enough about is Gorgo of Sparta. You may recognise her name from Histories by Herodotus – as she was one of the few women who were even mentioned in his writings. Gorgo was the daughter and only [read more]