Mahidevran Sultan

Mahidevran – The overshadowed Chief Consort

This article was written by Ezgi Özcan. Mahidevran was chief consort as a mother of the oldest surviving son of Suleiman the Magnificent. Her full name was Gülbahar Mahidevran Sultan due to her great beauty; Gülbahar means “rose of the spring” and Mahidevran means “the most beautiful in all”. She was the chief consort of [read more]


Countess Larisch and the tragedy at Mayerling

This article was written by Carol. Marie was born in 1858 as the daughter of the actress Henriette Mendell and Ludwig Wilhelm, Duke in Bavaria, the grandson of the King of Bavaria. Two months after her birth, her father gave up his rights to the Bavarian throne. Shortly thereafter her mother was created a Baroness, [read more]