Mary Queen of Scots

Inverness Castle and Mary, Queen of Scots

In 1562, Mary, Queen of Scots visited Inverness Castle – or rather, she tried to. On 9 September, the gates of the castle were closed to her by Alexander Gordon on the order of the 4th Earl of Huntly. Subsequently, Mary’s supporters besieged the castle for three days until it finally fell. Alexander Gordon was [read more]

Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor – The Thistle

Margaret Tudor was born on 28 November 1489 as the daughter of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in Westminster Palace. Her christening took place in St Margaret’s Church, and she was brought up in the royal nursery at Richmond Palace with her elder brother Arthur, Prince of Wales and her younger brother Henry. Her [read more]

Places To Visit

Princess Dimitri & Rosslyn Chapel

One can sometimes find royal women in places you least expect it. While in Edinburgh, we also visited Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, which was made famous by its appearance in the Da Vinci Code film. We were just casually strolling through the gardens when I spotted this. Who was this mysterious Princess Dimitri? I married [read more]

Margaret of Denmark

Doune Castle – The Dower House

Doune Castle is in the village of Doune, near Stirling in Scotland. It was originally built in the 13th century and was most likely damaged during the Scottish Wars of Independence. It was then rebuilt in the current form by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany. It was passed into the hands of the crowns in [read more]