Anne of Cleves and Swan Castle in Cleves, Germany

anne cleves
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Swan Castle (Schloss Schwanenburg) is located in Cleves, Germany. Cleves was the home of Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of Henry VIII of England. Cleves was a duchy and at the time of her marriage to Henry, her brother was the ruling Duke. Anne was married to Henry on 6 January 1540. The marriage was annulled on 7 July 1540, because Henry was apparently disappointed in her appearance.

Unfortunately, most of the castle is now used as offices for law courts and they are not open to the public. You can still climb the tower, however, which is the home of a geological museum and has a model of the whole castle.

The castle’s tourist information is quite focused on Anne, which is a good thing but some of the information they offer does not appear to be correct. A brochure I took with me mentions she was divorced from Henry and that she was buried in 1577. As she died in 1557, this seems rather late for a burial!

Below you’ll find the footage of my visit to Cleves!

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  1. If they were married in 1940, that might explain his dissatisfaction with her appearance. 🙂 As I recall, she was none too impressed with him either.

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