Schloss Wolfenbuttel
Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Schloss Wolfenbüttel – Birthplace of a Duchess

Schloss Wolfenbüttel is a palace in Wolfenbüttel in Germany, which served as the residence of the rulers of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel from 1432 to 1753. It was, for example, the home of Sophia Hedwig of Brunswick-Lüneburg, later Countess of Nassau-Dietz. Perhaps one of the most notable royal women to be born here was Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, [read more]

Marienkirche in Wolfenbüttel

The Marienkirche in Wolfenbüttel

The Marienkirche or Hauptkirche Beatae Mariae Virginis in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, houses the remains of several members of the Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel family. They were Dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Princes of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. The church was commissioned by Henry Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, in 1608 to replace a church that was built there in 1533. The 11 burials that [read more]

princess edward dornburg
Augusta Catherine Gordon-Lennox

Lady Augusta Catherine Gordon-Lennox – Lady, Countess and Princess

Lady Augusta Catherine Gordon-Lennox was born on 14 January 1827 at Goodwood House as the daughter of Charles Gordon-Lennox, 5th Duke of Richmond and Lady Caroline Paget. Through her father, she was a descendant of King Charles II of England and Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth. On 27 November 1851, Lady Auguste Catherine married [read more]