Hu Shanxiang – The Gracious Yet Deposed Empress

Empress Hu Shanxiang’s tragic tale has moved the hearts of China for centuries. She is often seen as a pitiful, kind, and helpless woman, while her successor, Empress Sun, is depicted as a femme fatale. Empress Hu Shanxiang was the first wife of the Xuande Emperor (also known as Emperor Xuanzong). Because she could not bear [read more]


Queen Jiangshi – The Kingmaker

Queen Jiangshi was one of the most virtuous women in ancient China. She has been lauded as a successful kingmaker and for taking decisive actions.[1] When her husband Chong’er, an exiled prince, was reluctant to reclaim his rightful throne, Queen Jiangshi took decisive action in his stead. She even attempted to kidnap him where he [read more]


Princess Xu Mu – China’s First Female Poet

Princess Xu Mu was a contemporary of Sappho and was the first female poet recorded in Chinese history.[1] She wrote political poems about her homeland.[2] Today, she is considered to be a patriotic heroine.[3] Her poems were beloved during her time and have continued to be cherished for over two thousand years.[4] Princess Xu Mu lived during [read more]

fu hao

Fu Hao – Queen, General, and Priestess

If a historian could name the roles that Queen Fu Hao played in her lifetime, the list would be endless. Queen Fu Hao played so many unusual roles that very few women in history have sought to emulate. She was the most powerful of King Wuding’s three queens whom he married during his lifetime.[1] She played [read more]