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May 2017 Book News

Non-fiction Tudor Monarchs: Lives in Letters Hardcover – 1 August 2017 (US) & 11 May 2017 (UK) The Tudor period (1485-1603) is a story of drama, intrigue and tumultuous change but also of triumphs and progress, and it saw the emergence of an English national identity. Four hundred years after the Tudor era ended with the death of [read more]


Taking a look at Empress Wanrong

Empress Wanrong, also known as Empress Xiaokemin, was married to the last Emperor of China and the Qing Dynasty. She was born on 13 November 1906 in Beijing into the Gobulo clan; her father was the Minister of Domestic Affairs for the imperial court. Tragically, her mother died after giving birth to her from childbed fever. She was raised by [read more]

Maria Theresia of Austria

The Pragmatic Sanction of 1713

This article was written by Carol. On 19 April 1713 Maria Theresa’s father, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor and head of the House of Habsburg, issued his Pragmatic Sanction, an imperial decree designed to ensure that his hereditary lands were not broken up on his death and that they could be inherited by his female [read more]